The brief was to update an old French campaign system and for everything to be on one page. With this in mind, I set about designing the new campaign map in the style of a found artefact.

Using the map illustration by Nuala Kennedy, I highlighted the map locations as if they had been marked by cup rings and the waypoints as if they had been inked in red. 

Suitable icons were found from within the original Mordheim rulebook, then cleaned-up and converted to vector icons.

Alongside all the design work, I also rewrote the original translated copy and updated the campaign mechanics. 

The map was designed as both a digital gaming aid and as a printable A2 PDF.

After the success of the map in English, I have since created regionalised designs with the map being translated into three other languages, with several more in the works.

Gaming Tokens
While the campaign map was intended as a standalone piece, the feedback from the community was so fantastic that I created an extra gaming aid, namely printable tokens (A4) for use with the map to represent the player's Warbands. 
Example of the tokens in use
Example of the tokens in use
Example of the tokens in use
Example of the tokens in use
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